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Access to Over 450 Real-Time Assets

Crypto Rocket Coin is your pathway to the grand forex market 24/5! You can trade major, minor & exotic forex pairs, & be part of the $5 trillion exchanged every single day. Forex, metals, oil & indices are your key elements for trading. At Crypto Rocket Coin, you can find your favourite pairs & instruments, all the while discovering new ones.

Establish a versatile portfolio and take advantage of any opportunity in the market with access to instruments in four asset classes, only at Crypto Rocket Coin.

Embark on an unparalleled trading experience with our consistent and tight spreads offering you, our traders, lower costs. The trading price for any currency pair is expressed by the combination of the symbols that make-up the currency pair as well as the bid and ask price.

1:500 Leverage and Fast Deposits

From currency trading to speculating on the price movements of your favourite stocks, cryptocurrencies, etfs - Crypto Rocket Coin has it all. Enter the vast, complex and exhilarating world of the financial markets with a global broker you can trust.

Open up a trading world of possibilities with 150+ instruments across FX, indices, equities, cryptos, energy and commodities, and more, across three, free powerful platforms