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  • Total Withdrawals 4,565,881 USD
  • Total Investments 3,145,749 USD
  • Total Accounts 1,290
  • Running Days 113 Days

The smarter way to trade via your web browser.

Our award-winning online trading platform is designed for trailblazers searching for the ultimate trading experience. We're proud to offer the best-in-class CFD trading platform for savvy traders like you. With more than 70 technical analysis indicators — from Bollinger bands to Ichimoku cloud - and extensive drawing tools, you can better calculate your potential trading opportunity

The trading terminals are tailored to customer’s needs and are white-labelled. We always ensure that our web solutions are fully compatible with all operating systems, browsers and devices

Lightspeed Trading Platform

Cross-browser compatibility Do you use Google Chrome at home, Internet Explorer at work and Safari on the way? It's no longer a problem with our WebTrader terminal. It works just fine in any modern browser.

Award-winning Platform

Award-winning technology for your seamless trading. Trade more 700 instruments with speed, efficiency, security and reliability.

In-depth Financial Analysis

75+ technical indicators. Multiple trading chart types. Extensive drawing tools, with more than 70 technical analysis indicators.

Smart Risk Management

Control your risk with stop-loss Exploit unexpected price jumps with take-profit Feel confident with negative balance protection